Do you feel extremely tired and want a bit of time for yourself? Do you not ever feel you have time for everyone but yourself? Does your time does not belong to you? Well, you are not alone. The other day, a friend of mine, Shweta, also a very successful entrepreneur was speaking of her everyday life. Essentially life is about meetings, appointments, taking care of children, cooking, doing dishes and the list goes on. She barely has time for herself.


Shivangi, another friend, also a wellness expert, advised Shweta to have space in her house for herself. Well, the house anyway belongs to her. But Shivangi went ahead to explain that this part of the house would be solely for her to relax and calm her nerves. It would be a cozy spot for her. You need to understand that not just Shweta needed a cozy spot. Everyone who has a hectic life needs a cozy spot to themself. Your cozy spot in your house would and should be your go-to.




If you are still in two minds, here are a few pointers for you to better understand why you need a cozy corner in your house


To relax


At the fag end of the day when you are tired and have nil energy left it would be great to get into your cozy corner. Wrap your favorite blanket around yourself and sip on to your coffee or tea. You would feel the calmness and serenity.


To calm down

There are moments and days when everything seems to go wrong. You are on your last nerves and nothing seems to be okay. You need to walk towards your cozy corner and sit down. Breathe in and out. Lie down and hold the pillows closest to your chest. Scream if you want to. Read a book or a magazine or just listen to your favorite song.


To reevaluate

At times in life we need to take a step back and reevaluate our actions. Think and question our decisions. Speak to ourselves. Guide and counsel ourselves. It is for those days when you need to take a step back and turn to yourself and no one else.


To have time for yourself

Did you ever hear about me time? The time you dedicate to yourself and for yourself. It is the time you gift yourself. It is what you need. As an individual you need time for yourself. Make your me time your quality time. Sit or lie down in your cozy corner, read your favourite book. If you do not like reading, you may paint, knit or just chill over Netflix or a movie.


However And Wherever You Are, You Need To Give Yourself Space Where You Feel Comfortable, You Feel Like You. Your Cozy Corner Is Your Safe Space, Your Home Within Your Home. Forever Remember “Home Is Not A Place…It’s A Feeling.” Cherish That Feeling In Your Cozy Corner.



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