Do you remember looking at the world from a lighthouse or a high rise rooftop restaurant? Ridhima, a colleague of mine was sharing how spectacular she felt living in a high rise society. She was gushing over her experience with excitement in her eyes. She had a tight budget and was unsure if this would be her best choice. The smile on her eyes told her story. You might be in two minds when you think of high rise societies. However, there are just so many perks that you cannot overlook them.


Living in high rise rise societies​



Scenic view

The scenic view of the city and far beyond is worth the purchase. The view from your window while lying on your bed will look like a dream. Every night you can see the city go to sleep and wake up again the next day.



Mostly high rise apartments are much more cost friendly than those of the ones at the ground floor. Yes you can wake up to that amazing view and watch the sunset over the city well within your budget.


Safety and security

Most high rise apartments are much more safe than the ones at the ground floor. Robbers are less likely to barge into an apartment at a higher floor than that of the one at the ground floor.



Yes you heard that right, you will be much at peace at a high rise apartment away from all the noise and traffic. That construction happening beside your society or the heavy traffic in the office hours will not drive you nuts as your home is at higher level and a greater distance from all of that.


Ventilation and light

Yes you are likely to have an airy, well ventilated house. You can sit on your chair and enjoy the cool breeze while sipping on your evening tea. You would even have light streaming in even on the dullest days.


Less Pollution

Yes the air quality around high rise apartments is much better. The level of dust and pollution in the air seems to be better than that of the air at the lower apartments. If You Were Overthinking About High Rise Then No More. It Is Your Best And Safest Option. Forever Remember “There Is Nothing More Important Than A Good, Safe, Secure Home”.


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