COVID-19 has swept businesses into uncharted waters. With new direction each day, many companies are being forced to close their doors or change their approach to work, implementing new strategies, requirement during work from home and monitoring work remotely is a challenge for them. In COVID 19 we have got a huge dent in our professional life which is impacting our mental health on a daily basis. It has become challenging to manage sales team during COVID and also managing & motivating a remote sales team. In Sales cycles there are many aspects we consider only making calls or switching to zoom meeting will not help until we create trust on the face to face meeting. Technology helps us in many ways but not always. In this situation no matter how we try to convince our clients on call but we won’t be able to achieve our targets. Due to that, all sales team members are going through with a strong battle in their life.


These are just tips as per the current situation you are free to modify it whenever you required. In the last 2 months, our team could not achieve sales no and we all are waiting for the right situation to pitch again. At the same time, we don’t know how much we all have to wait. Our sales agent requested us to provide a solution. We sat down and listen to all those challenges, after a couple of weeks we are able to identify the crucial part and solving technique for this spider web. Let’s read a few points and see how much it is helpful for you.



How to manage sales team during COVID?


5 Things Your Sales Team Should Adapt during COVID 19

1. Find the niche

In COVID 19 no matter how psychologically you hit the audience and they give you response but, in the call, they will tell you what exactly is going in their mind. All of them wants to take a pause. All of the dream and aspirations are not important from their life. Try to keep a relationship with them on good terms. The moment you start forcing them to make payments, they will not feel comfortable with you again. Maintaining a healthy relationship is key.


Takeaway: Establish trust and make a relationship with them is the key about how to motivate managed sales team during COVID.


2. Take a pause before communicating your thoughts:

During the sales call, we are completely focused on our product and customer’s requirement. At the same time, our mind is busy in creating solutions for the problem which is going to come up in next 1 min. All of this is going in so much speed that sometimes we forget that people are not considering all of this right now. They are scared and they don’t want to spend any extra penny on luxury. So, after listening to his problems and requirements prefer to take time before you provide any solution. We are in this together. Put yourself in his shoes.


Takeaway: Be empathic to motivate managed sales team during COVID.


3. Discuss your Challenges Daily:

Your Sales Guru’s did not experience this situation ever in their life. Ask them to help and push yourself to implement all those solutions. You never know s/he will like your suggestions too. We have seen that whenever you are in trouble do ask other people to solve that problem or give you feedback on your thinking. Because you are deeply involved in that you won’t see another angle of the story. Keep your learning graph high.


Takeaway: Effective, Efficient and fun Communication during work is another key to manage remote sales team during COVID.


4. Stay Motivated:

Usually, we prefer to work individually and sometimes we have been in team and add our supportive nature. This is the time where you can show your best and help your team members. Losing hope is easy but not everyone can help to uplift the graph. People are juggling every day so it’s better you keep up your mind open and assist your team members.


Takeaway: Achieve collectively to motivate sales team during COVID.


5. Be kind to your Mind

It’s your responsibility to keep your mind healthy if you can’t then nobody else can help you. This is the toughest time and according to statistics people are going through. Don’t wait until the end. Express your feelings and thoughts or try to divert your mind with small things. Lockdown is just like a war and we unwantedly participating. So be your best and change the game.


Do you have any doubt?

Try to use these 5 techniques and help everyone to get over with this fear. If you have any other good points please share us. As the french say; Bientôt, ce sera fini- Soon, This Will Over

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