Are you thinking about investing in real estate? Does the bad name attached to real estate make you take a step back? Did you know someone who might have had a bad experience in real estate? Yesterday an associate, Mr Dheeraj, was speaking about his concerns about real estate. A colleague listened to him patiently and started explaining to him about the Haryana RERA. Mr Dheeraj was engrossed in my colleague’s explanation, even his food laid before him on his plate. Dheeraj absorbed every bit of my colleague’s explanation. He asked him several questions and got each of them cleared. Dheeraj understood that with RERA there was absolute transparency.

Well, you need to open up and understand that with RERA the unchecked and unruly real estate sector got a cleansing and flushing out of toxins. RERA understands you and is essentially for consumers like you. Have you ever felt wronged and then understood and supported by someone? RERA is just that, understanding hoe as a consumer might have been wronged and is trying to be there for you.



What is Haryana RERA?


RERA ensures

  • Quality assurance
  • Transparency
  • Addressing Consumer grievances

It was essentially introduced to hold the builders responsible for their part. It helps consumers to feel protected and safe. Yes, you heard it right, safety is ensured by RERA. Even the national regulation provided a tribunal to redress any dissatisfaction or dispute between the two parties. There are certain points that you as soon as consumers need to understand. You need to put your trust in the government. The Haryana government tries to protect the rights of the buyers. Its introduction of RERA was essentially

  • To help the real estate sector grow properly and honestly with transparency.
  • To help build a harmonious and trustworthy relationship between the consumer and the builder and developer.
  • To provide opportunities for everyone including entrepreneurs, apartment buyers, estate developers and also builders.
  • To help ensure that disputes or injustice is being reported and addressed.
  • To help regulate and promote the real estate sector.

Just like you value your project and your hard-earned money, RERA understands and values you. If you have fears about trust and transparency, you can rest on your laurels. Make the right choice and go ahead and invest in your dream home. Forever remember “There is nothing more important than a good, safe, secure home.”


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