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Guide to - Are you an independent woman who is trying to buy a house

Guide to – Are you an independent woman who is trying to buy a house

The last time I was sipping on my coffee in a famous barista I overheard a woman speaking loudly about buying her own house. Her voice was chirpy, full of excitement and her eyes sparkling. She was speaking of a dream of hers. To live happily on her own, by herself, bound by neither the societal norms nor anybody.

Are you one of those women who has often thought of buying a home? Does the idea of having a home to yourself by yourself make you feel powerful and independent? You have often seen men flaunting their home to speak of their financial and social status. Why will you not when you are as or more independent than them?

Is the idea of buying a house by yourself daunting your spirits? You are stronger and smarter than you believe yourself to be.

Here are a few pointers which will make your journey easier.

Know Your Budget

Before you start on this journey know the amount you are comfortable to pay. Do not take a huge loan and stretch your budget. Take into account that buying your house is not going to be your only expense. You will have to pay bills and taxes, you are your own woman. Take into consideration  maintenance and mortgage.

Check your Cibil Score

When you would apply for your loan your cibil score is checked by the bank officials. Make sure you have a good cibil score. If you do not, check what are the factors that are negatively affecting your score. Your poor cibil score, if you have at all, will severely affect your home loan application.

  • You are a strong and responsible woman, take time and analyse all your tax and bill payments. In your excessively hectic life you might have not cleared all your bills and that might have affected your score.

Have a clear knowledge about bank requirements

Though you are a smart, independent and strong woman you may have overlooked the many paperworks and processes in banks. Take a moment, clear your schedule and do this before you proceed into more hectic days.

Speak To A Real Estate Agent

It is essential to speak to Real Estate Agents and seek professional guidance. You are a woman who does everything by herself but what is the harm if you hire someone who handles these everyday. Be the boss that you are and hire someone to assist you in this journey.

  1. Make appointments with numerous Real Estate Agents.
  2. Go to their open houses. Narrow down your search.
  3. Ask your agents the necessary questions regarding his or her experience.
  4. Ask for referrals from your estate agent.
  5. Note your agent’s negotiation skills and style of working


Opt for affordable housing

You may be stuck forever with your builder delaying your project. You already have the burden of the world on your shoulders and do not add another one. Opt for hassle free affordable housing projects. Ask your real estate agent to show you numerous affordable housing projects within  your budget.

Have a list of non negotiations

It is likely that you would be swept off your feet with certain houses. Know that the house you would finalise upon should meet all your necessary criterions. You may not need the lawn but may surely need a garage with the house. Make your choice practically. Do not let emotions be your driving force. You are today’s practical and strong women do not be an emotional fool when it comes to making big decisions.

Check your locality

Know that it is extremely important for you to stay in a good and safe locality.

 If you do not feel safe you will not be at peace. How will you enjoy your stay in your house if you are not at peace?

  1. Know about the transport and communication facilities of the place.
  2. Know the grocery and similar stores which you would have near to your place.

Speak to the city planner

A city planner will know the future plans regarding a particular place. There might be upcoming metro stations or similar others near a certain house you might have narrowed down upon.

Your house is an asset to your present and future self. Buy a house for yourself and live life queen size on your own terms.



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