Do you intend to purchase a property in Gurgaon? Peruse here to think about the stamp duty and registration charges in Gurgaon to evade the money related strain later. When a property is bought, it is basic to enlist the property for the sake of the buyer in the Registrar’s office. The registration confirms the legal responsibility for property to the buyer. It limits the odds of misrepresentation since it tends to be utilized as a legal archive in case of a question. Notwithstanding, the whole registration measure involves plenty of documents alongside the installment of an extra fee, for example, registration fee and stamp duty.



Registration fee is the expense collected by the legislature to record the property subtleties, and stamp duty is the assessment required on the legal acknowledgement of the property documents. In Gurgaon, the deal deed is enlisted at the Sub-Registrar’s Office in whose locale the property is arranged. The registration ought to have appropriately consented inside four months of the deal deed’s execution alongside all the vital documents. Sub-Registrar examines the documents and issues the registration testament. Be that as it may, the stamp duty and registration charges rely upon the possession type and the property’s exchange estimation.



Stamp duty & Circle Rates in Gurgaon(GURUGRAM) in April 2021 [updated rates]

What are the Stamp duty and registration charges in Gurgaon in 2021?


There are two types of Stamp Duty and registration charges. The 1st one is “Within Municipal Limits” and 2nd is “Outside Municipal Limits” both have different charges and there is also difference between male and female candidates. Male has to pay 7% of property value and female needs to pay 5%. You can see there is a saving of 2% in female candidates rather than male. You can take benefit of this scheme, register your property in your mother’s name, wife’s name or sister’s name and get a benefit of 2%. 2% seems low but actually, when you do the calculation you will definitely save lacs of rupees. Just see this example. Amit purchasing the property worth rupees of 1 Crore. The 7% of 1 Crore is 7 Lacs for a male candidate and in other hands, the female has to pay 5% of the property which is 5 lacs in this case. There is 2 Lacs of rupees is saving. So, use your brain and save money.


What are the Stamp duty and registration charges in Gurgaon in 2021?

Stamp Duty Rates Calculator in Gurgaon (Gurugram) Haryana


The government of Haryana made it very easy for their citizens. You can calculate the stamp duty rates through Haryana government’s official website where they have a calculator, where you can enter your property value and you will get the latest stump duty rates of 2021 of Gurgaon, Haryana.


Stamp Duty Rates Calculator in Gurgaon (Gurugram) Haryana


How to calculate property values in Gurgaon for paying stamp duty?


Follow the steps below to calculate the property value in Gurgaon and the comparing stamp duty payable.


Step 1 – Estimate the developed area of the property or the plot’s size on account of a plotted turn of events.


Step 2 – Select the property type from the recorded properties, for example, regardless of whether the property is a condo or a manufacturer floor, a plot or a house or a shop or a business unit.


Step 3 – Choose the area or territory where the property is arranged.


Step 4 – Calculate the base evaluated value according to the current hover rate as referenced in the outline below:

How to calculate property values in Gurgaon for paying stamp duty?

When the property value is determined, duplicate it by comparing stamp duty rate as appeared in diagram 1. Also, take cognizance as far as possible. On the off chance that the property is set up outside the municipal purview, the stamp duty collected will change. The exchange value is also helpful in measuring the registration expense. Therefore, do the necessary figuring to design the accounts.


How to pay stamp duty online in Gurgaon in 2021?


Haryana Government made it very easy for you to pay Stamp Duty Charges. We have tested and comes with the easiest way for you. What you need to do is follow these steps which are given below and pay your stamp duty charges in 2021 very easily and hassle-free.

Here is a bit by bit manual for paying stamp duty in Gurgaon

  • Visit the official site of
  • Make a record utilizing a username and secret key
  • Continue to the following page and fill in the property subtleties
  • Audit the stamp duty and make the necessary installment through web banking
  • At the finish of the installment, a receipt will be produced
  • Spare the receipt for future reference

Generally, if intending to buy a property, it is basic to dissect the extra expenses of stamp duty and registration charges. While little exchanges may not make a monetary weight, the huge property buys may take a cost for your budgetary procedure. Therefore, it is fundamental to do the due ingenuity and decide the property securing expense than simply the market value.


New Circle Rates in Near Gurgaon(Gurugram), Haryana in April 2021


Circle rates of 3 Tehsil of Haryana have been revised by the Haryana Government on 8th April 2021. Here are the update and the latest list of revised circle rates. The existing buyers are very happy because their property value has increased.  

The home buyer must be thinking that the prices are going up How can I manage to buy a property? I will explain in deep. See if there is no increase in the price of the property the market will go down and government and buyer or seller everyone will affect. The increase of price is showing growth and real estate is contributing a large sum of rupees to Indian economy.



Circle Rates in Gurgaon(GURUGRAM) in April 2021


Frequently asked questions


How can I register my property in Gurgaon, Haryana in 2021?


Register your property in Gurgaon is very simple, we have a video for you so that you can see and understand it easily.


How can I check my property registration in Gurgaon Haryana in 2021?


Checking your property registration on Haryana official website is simple and easy for everyone. Haryana government made a very good and useful website, where you have to enter your basic details of your and your property and you can see the details.




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