Nav Durga or also called Navratri, a holy 9-day celebration inviting the Devi to shower her gifts on her admirers. The divinity is invited with incredible ceremony and immaculateness in the house and is filled in as an uncommon visitor. Presently as the truism goes in our way of life, ‘atithi devotional bhava’, this specific visitor who is a goddess for genuine cannot and ought not to be frustrated with our aptitudes as a host and what other way is better than to intrigue a guest by causing our own house to feel like home to them. Be that as it may, how might you convert your minuscule humble homestead into a habitation for Maa? Here are some decor thoughts to make your home look all the more energetic during the time of Durga puja.


10 ideas for durga puja decoration


Top 10 Tips for Durga Puja Decoration Ideas For Home [2021]


We have tested and comes with the best ideas for Durga Puja Decoration idea for your lovely home. We hope you will love these ideas. There are other different websites on google as well which are showing different methods but those are not practical, here you will get the ideas that are practically possible for you. It is that time of the year when no one needs to discover reasons to celebrate in light of the fact that celebrations have you secured. The wonderful time inundates the nation into shades of yellow, orange, red and pink, and makes even the littlest of partners clamour with bliss for what it’s worth. Where the world commends pre-winter as Halloween, we Indians praise the entire period of fall as celebrations.

1. Decoration with Deepaks

Diyas and deepaks are the most unmistakably utilized decorative thing in India for ages. At the point when lit up, they figure out how to illuminate the entire spot with brilliance as well as acknowledgeable magnificence. Consequently, take a stab at taking the customary course and improve the excellence of your house by decorating it with deepaks. Keep them in the sanctuary as well as the modest lit zones of your home.

Diya, 10 Simple Yet Beautiful Durga Puja Decoration Ideas For Home [2021]


2. Flower decoration

The delicacy and immaculateness of flowers are amazing. They generally add that oomph to the decor at whatever point utilized. Use flower wreaths to decorate the dividers or coasting flower petals in a copper tub or some other utensil of your decision. A foundation of flowers will give the space a sacred look. On the off chance that you need to accomplish something else than the typical sort of flower decorations, you can make a floor covering of flower petals for the symbol. You can also utilize the fragrance of the flowers to fill the air and there you have it! A new, natural smell! Transform your house into a genuine phool bangla.

10 Simple Yet Beautiful Durga Puja Decoration Ideas For Home [2021]

3. Lanterns for decor

A continuous pattern, this strategy for decoration isn’t going anyplace anytime soon. Straightforward yet beautiful, lanterns won’t just add shading to space yet will also carry out the responsibility of edifying the air of your stunning house. Balance a couple of series of lanterns on the rooftop or let them free on the passage of the sanctuary or on the back divider where the symbol is kept. With only a single tick your doorstep will try to please.

10 Simple Yet Beautiful Durga Puja Decoration Ideas For Home [2021]

4. Pixie lights in plain view

Recall those minuscule enlightening drove lights generally utilized during diwali? We as a whole know about the marvels they can do in astonishing up the spot. Make utilization of these dot-like lights to transmit your place of love, out of sight, on the rooftop and places around. You can also utilize that notorious stunt of placing them in a glass container and put them like lanterns. Or on the other hand, make a ceiling fixture of these lights. You can discover abundant of DIY recordings online to assist you with the cycle and also give you more innovative thoughts.

10 Simple Yet Beautiful Durga Puja Decoration Ideas For Home [2021]

5. Earth Pots

A misjudged material for decor, earth pots, mud vessels or other dirt caused things to can look as offbeat however you see fit in the event that you use them in the correct manner. Earth or mud pots can be utilized as compartments for drifting candles, gliding bloom petals, like lamps, and whatnot. Hand paint them with multifaceted plans, fill them with blossoms, hued water, lentils or use them to store the stuff required during puja.

10 Simple Yet Beautiful Durga Puja Decoration Ideas For Home [2021]

6. Rangoli

Rangolis are known as the bindi or teeka of the mother earth. Accordingly, their essentialness is the thing that makes them so one of a kind as a decoration. They are lively, enjoyable to make and go with the soul of the celebration. Rangolis can be made of anything-hues, blossoms, deepaks, lentils and rice, or even hand-painted. Take a stab at shaping some new plans, examples or accompany something totally out of the crate. Appreciate it while you’re grinding away!

10 Simple Yet Beautiful Durga Puja Decoration Ideas For Home [2021]

7. DIY paper decor

A particular method of decorating is independently into making the decorations yourself. Vivid paper do it without anyone’s help decoration stuff is energizing to make, reusable and also biodegradable. You can make brilliant manifestations out of paper like paper fans, paper lamps, paper pigeon entryway tolls, paper ball danglers, paper blossoms, and so on. Test and make.

10 Simple Yet Beautiful Durga Puja Decoration Ideas For Home [2021]

8. Light fixtures and inflatables

Grown-ups love the light fixtures the same amount as children love inflatables. Why not implant them both in your tricky decor? Switch on the crystal fixture in your home or make one utilizing DIY paper methods accessible on the web. At that point use inflatable’s to fill the floor or the background. You can also adhere inflatables to the light fixture.

10 Simple Yet Beautiful Durga Puja Decoration Ideas For Home [2021]

9. Texture decoration

Textures aren’t just clear however can also include a dash of an individual colour. Regardless of whether it is wraps, shades, bedsheets, sarees, bits of fabrics, lungis, and so forth are for the most part exceptionally exploratory and hypnotizing. You can utilize these as backgrounds, window ornaments for the doorstep, as a shed or shed decorations. Whatever your heart likes.

10 Simple Yet Beautiful Durga Puja Decoration Ideas For Home [2021]

10. Reusable things as Decoration

There is consistently a lot of things lying around in the house tasting the residue. This Navratri, take them out, tidy them up and use them in one of the above-given decoration thoughts or think of yours. For example, utilize old dishes as deepaks or stands.


This merry season, analyze, accomplish something other than what’s expected and out of the crate. Much the same as how every celebration has its own flavour, add your own to the decoration this year. Make sure to utilize a shading topic in the decor to draw out the happy vibe. Hues like yellow, white, orange and red truly draw out the genuine embodiment of celebrations like Mahanavatri. Merry season is tied in with making some function memories with family and companions. Do so even while working for the celestial with a warm heart.


10 Simple Yet Beautiful Durga Puja Decoration Ideas For Home [2021]


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